Single Crystal Diamond

The single crystal diamond material supplied by Microwave Enterprises is all Type 2A, single crystal diamond. We offer lab grown diamonds from several manufacturing partners, including all the industry leaders in grown diamond technology and manufacturing capability. Through our established relationships within the market place with several lab grown diamond producers of single crystal diamond material we can offer our customers a full range of such products.

High quality single crystal, CVD diamond is used in the following applications:

  • M1 grade – radiation and particle detectors, beam monitors, diodes, quantum computing

  • M2 grade - diamond optical elements (x-ray windows, IR windows and prisms, etc.), diamond electronics research, quantum imaging, etc.; laser optics components; thermal management

  • M3 grade - diamond turning tools, nozzles, dies, surgical tools, wire draw dies, wear parts

  • M6 grade - substrates; NV center research