Properties & Applications

Diamonds are treasured worldwide as gems for their brilliance, beauty and rarity. The mechanical, thermal, and optical properties of diamond are far superior to any other material known to man. As a result, the potential of diamond for industrial applications extend over many market sectors and into almost all areas of science. The problem for broad adoption of diamond material has been the cost of natural diamond and the inferior properties of some lab grown processes.

Microwave CVD diamond has equivalent properties and characteristics as natural diamond, but with repeatable consistent and eco friendly processing. MWE provides the world market with CVD diamond material produced by some of the largest CVD diamond manufacturing facilities in the world. Most of these producers have transitioned from producing Type 2A rough diamond for the gem market to similar material, produced and finished for the industrial and scientific communities.

To further broaden our diamond material product base, Microwave Enterprises offers lab grown diamond from several lab grown diamond producers, inclusive of CVD, single and polycrystalline as well as high quality HPHT materials. As such, MWE provides our customers the broadest range of lab grown diamond available from any other supplier.