Microwave Enterprises History

MWE was formed following the spinout of the Lambda Plasma Division of Lambda Technologies, Inc. The founders and principles of MWE have over 25 years experience in the development of CVD equipment and processes for lab grown diamond. The microwave equipment products of MWE are based on patented technology exclusively licensed from Michigan State University. Microwave CVD products based on this technology were the first to be moved from the laboratory into production of lab grown diamond in the late 1980’s and it was the first technology to incorporate 915MHz into the diamond CVD process. Today, MWE produces a complete range of fully automated microwave CVD
equipment. Our CVD equipment and process technology is currently in use for the following applications:

- Polycrystalline Diamond Films
- Nano and Ultranano Crystalline Diamond films
- Single Crystal Diamond material

In 2013, MWE secured a Distribution Agreement with the largest producer of lab grown diamond materials in the world for sales into the North American market. Since that time, MWE has expanded our supplier base to offer the widest range of CVD diamond products available from any one supplier. Our focus is diamond material sales for development and production applications in the scientific and industrial markets and research for advanced applications. With our success in this part of the business, MWE now has access to multiple lab grown diamond producers, to offer a complete range of lab grown diamond materials to our customers.

The combination of equipment and process experience plus a marketing collaboration with the largest CVD diamond manufacturer, places Microwave Enterprises in a unique position to service and support the diamond community in all areas of research as well as for the legacy industrial diamond applications.