CVD Diamond Equipment

CVD Products

Microwave Enterprises products are focused on the deposition and treatment of CVD diamond. We currently offer the following standard plasma system products, each with a full range of options and fully automated controls.

  • DT 700 - DiamoTek 700 Series

    2.45GHz reactor for CVD areas of 50-75mm

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  • DT 1200 - DiamoTek 1200 Series CVD Reactor

    2.45 GHz reactor for high pressure CVD

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  • DT 1200 ECR - DiamoTek 1200 Series ECR System

    ECR 2.45GHz reactor for etching diamond films

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  • DT 1800 - DiamoTek 1800

    915Mhz reactor for CVD areas of 75mm to 200mm

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