Microwave Enterprises (MWE) develops process and manufactures equipment used in the production of lab grown diamond materials. The company’s patented microwave technology is used for a range of products, and specifically for the deposition and production of CVD diamond.

Welcome To Microwave Enterprises, LTD

Providing Equipment & Research for CVD Diamond Applications

CVD diamond grown by microwave plasma technology is the highest quality diamond made by man with properties equal to or better than natural diamond. Diamond represents the material with best possible properties in a wide range of advanced material applications. Microwave Enterprises brings years of experience to the production of lab grown, CVD diamond with both proprietary CVD equipment technology and relationships with the largest manufacturers of CVD diamond in the world.

Whether your interest is in basic research of CVD diamond process parameters or implementation of quality lab grown diamond material for your specific application, Microwave Enterprises has the process equipment to meet your requirements. Our objective is to provide the most reliable and flexible process equipment available in the industry. We welcome you to explore this web site and those of our marketing and development partners, as we look forward to serving you.